venerdì 6 gennaio 2012 | By: Unknown

Literary Outfit - Great Expectations.

(get inspired by literature)

"It was now too late and too far to go back,
and I went on."

(Great Expectations, Charles Dickens)





ehi cat! how does it smell? o.O

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María ha detto...

Great outfit! Please, follow me back =D

¡Un beso!

Unknown ha detto...

thx dear :D

Unknown ha detto...

thx! :) I'll check out your blog :D

Sanne ha detto...

Nice outfit and such a cute cat! :) Thanks for commenting at my fashiolista profile, of course we can follow each other! Your blog is great! Mine is:! Much love! xxx

Unknown ha detto...

thx dear! I'll visit your blog too :)

Katieli ha detto...

those earrings are so lovely!

Unknown ha detto...

I agree with you :D lovin' them *.*

celyneglam ha detto...

i like this look too much! post a comment on my blog :* happy new year! ha detto...

i lve ur dress!!!!!!!!!


Unknown ha detto...

Chanel?? wow, I'm comin' :D

Stavrolino ha detto...

great outfit!
I like yor blog!
I follow you!
…All in Style…!

Glitter in the air ha detto...

Ciao Bianca! grazie per essere passata da me, ti seguo anche io volentieri, l'idea dei look ispirati dalla letteratura mi piace un sacco!

Unknown ha detto...

thx you all..far too kind *.*

Shawna Hynes ha detto...

Thank you for your lovely comment & I'm now following you! :)
Great post - Love the literary reference & cute pink dress - definitely your colour!

<3 Shawna

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